Forest genetic resources (FGR) form the base for adaptation of European forests to future environmental conditions and societal demands. Appropriate use and sustainable management of FGR is therefore of utmost importance. Past decades have shown:

  • an immense progress in detecting patterns of genetic diversity, due to fast technological advances;
  • increased knowledge on the modelling of responses of tree species to changing environmental conditions;
  • increased awareness by policy makers across Europe, leading to increased efforts for the conservation of FGR in all European member states e.g. by the establishing forest stands to conserve genetic diversity. However, currently there is no sound management on the sustainable use of FGR neither in these gene conservation units nor in production forests, to meet future changes.

The FORGER project aims at integrating and extending existing knowledge to provide science-based recommendations on the management and sustainable use of FGR for EU-policy makers, national stakeholders, forest managers, and managers of natural areas.