Flow diagram of the Work Packages and their interdependencies


Explanation of the arrows in the flow diagram

  1. Results of gap analysis (quick scan) will provide information to WP 2 for the selection of sites for the monitoring and for additional measurements of genetic diversity
  2. New collected data from WP 2 added to GD2
  3. Dynamics in genetic diversity for validation of the process based model
  4. New collected data on adaptive markers for initialisation of the process-based model
  5. Reaction norms for validation of the process-base model
  6. Pan-European maps on genetic diversity
  7. Assessment of efficiency and representativeness of conservation efforts
  8. Improved protocols for monitoring genetic diversity for integration
  9. Dynamics in genetic diversity provided to guidelines and recommendation
  10. Maps on transfer of forest reproductive material over Europe
  11. Optimal seed sampling strategies
  12. Maps on the future assessment of the distribution of genetic diversity under different management regimes and climate change
  13. Results of expert consultation used by  WP1, WP2, WP3
  14. Guidelines and recommendations, and the integrated results for dissemination

List of work packages and responsible organisations

WP# Work package title Leader
WP 1 Inventories of forest genetic resources METLA
WP 2 Measuring and monitoring genetic diversity VTI
WP 3 Use and management of forest genetic resources BFW
WP 4 Tools, guidelines and recommendations on the conservation of genetic diversity BFW
WP 5 Communication,dissemination and knowledge transfer Bioversity
WP 6 Administrative and financial management Alterra
WP 7 Scientific co-ordination and internal communication Alterra