WP 2 will contribute to:


Objective 2: To develop a common protocol for measuring and monitoring genetic diversity

In WP 2 we will improve existing protocols on the monitoring of genetic diversity. These protocols will also include ecological alternatives. The protocols will be used to analyse the dynamics in genetic diversity during the forestry process for the most important management strategies applied in Europe. In addition, will WP 2 sample and analyse adaptive variation along an environmental gradient of at least one broadleaved and one coniferous species, and correlated to reaction norms of phenotypic traits (e.g. phenology).

Major deliverables from WP 2 will be:
  • Protocols to monitor the genetic diversity of Fagus sylvatica, Quercus spp., Picea abies and Pinus pinaster
  • Extension of the GD2 database based on:
    • the pilot studies to arrive at the protocols and
    • the adaptive variation along environmental gradients

Via the linkage of GD2 and EUFGIS will this information also be available for the EUFGIS website.