WP 3 will contribute to:


Objective 3: To analyse historic, current and future use and management of forest genetic resources


In WP 3 we will: (i) collect data on the historic andcurrent transfer of forest reproductive material over Europe for the main forest tree species and analyse how that transfer, in interaction with forest management and other factors, have shaped the current distribution of genetic diversity, (ii) use an existing model to analyse the optimal seed sampling strategy, (iii) analyse existing and newly collected data on provenance trials to assess reaction norms to climatic drives and survival of extreme events (in particular drought), and (iv) use of a validated process-based model to assess the impacts of climate change, forest dynamics and transfer of FRM on the future dynamics of genetic diversity of main European tree species, and best options the manage that.

Major deliverables from WP 3 will be, for selected European forest tree species:
  • Review of the impacts of transfer of FRM and forest management on the current distribution of genetic diversity
  • Model analysis on optimal seed harvest strategies
  • Characterisation and comparison of reaction norms and responses in vitality and survival to environmental change
  • Assessment of impact of climate change, forest management and transfer of FRM on future genetic diversity