WP 5 will contribute to: 


Objective 5: To disseminate and communicate the project's results to stakeholders


In WP 5 we will communicate with stakeholders and users such as European policy makers, national representatives responsible for the sustainable management of forests, nature conservation organisations, and forest managers. This communication also entails frequent expert consultations on: (i) protocols to measure and monitor genetic diversity, (ii) transfer of forest reproductive material, (iii) use and management of forest genetic resource. Expert consultations with representatives of stake holder organisations will start already early in the project to safeguard that the guidelines and recommendations and the integrated results can and will be used. Finally, the knowledge, results and conclusions as obtained by the project will be disseminated to the users and stakeholders.

Major deliverables from WP 5 will be:
  • Basic communication and dissemination material of the FORGER project
  • Documentation on training workshop in the 'inter-linked' FGR inventories and databases
  • Report / Summaries of on-line discussion on pan-European gene conservation strategies
  • Report of final project meeting for the scientific community
  • Report of round table meeting for European policy makers