Upcoming events

  • Final project meeting, 17-18 November 2015, Dublin, Ireland (venue to be decided)

Past events

  • Training workshop on FGR inventories and databases, Zagreb, Croatia, 25-27 March 2014
  • Second Annual meeting, Wageningen, the Netherlands, 2-3 April 2014
  • Side event at the European Forest Week, Rovaniemi, Finland, 10 December 2013

  • EUFORGEN/FORGER joint workshop on conservation and monitoring of forest genetic resources, Järvenpää, Finland, 18-20 September 2012
  • EUFORGEN/FORGER joint workshop on Forest Reproductive Material, 4-6 June 2012, Freising, Germany
  • EUFORGEN/FORGER joint workshop on FGR inventories and databases in Europe carried out during the FGR documentation workshop, 8-10 May 2012, Szombathely, Hungary
  • First Annual meeting, 3-4 April 2013, Florence, Italy
  • Kick-off meeting, 8-9 March 2012, Wageningen, the Netherlands (listen to the interviews done during this meeting here)

Other events